Treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction

According to statistics, about 50% of men over the age of 25 today suffer from various types of sexual disorders. One of the leading places in the list of diseases is erectile dysfunction or weak potency, which is expressed in a weakened erection or its absence, which does not allow a man to reach orgasm during intercourse.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The development of erectile dysfunction is affected by both psychological (psychological impotence) and physiological factors. This ailment can be a consequence of abnormalities in the work of the brain and nervous system, as well as various mental disorders, stress and depression. In addition, erectile dysfunction often develops in endocrine and cardiovascular disease, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, diabetes, prostatitis, etc. However, in most cases, doctors diagnose a whole range of causes that lead to erectile dysfunction, and only their consistent elimination allows the patient to resume a full sexual life.

What will happen if there is no treatment?

How important the help of a qualified urologist is in this case, also testifies to the disappointing statistics. In the vast majority of cases, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, embarrassed to go to the doctor, preferring to enhance potency with the help of stimulating drugs (pills for impotence, folk remedies for impotence). As a result, their body is so accustomed to the drugs that it is no longer able to independently regulate the process of erection. As a consequence, against the background of other diseases that negatively affect sexual function, male impotence develops, which is extremely difficult to cure. With questions, how to restore potency, you need to turn, first of all, to doctors.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

At the same time, referral to the clinic at the first signs of erectile dysfunction (potency disorder) gives any patient the chance to return to a full sexual life in the shortest possible time. And primarily due to the accurate and timely diagnosis of the disease, which allows doctors to not only identify the cause of the disease, but also to develop a comprehensive method of treatment. In each case, experts select for the patient the most effective version of the disease, using modern advances in medicine and modern equipment. It should also be remembered that in the early stages of erectile dysfunction is much easier to treat, and the patient’s chances of feeling like a complete man again in this case is much higher. If you want to find a quick solution, then visit .