Chinese scientists in the 2000s invented a method for the production of recombinant (artificial) proteins. So they began to do business on growth hormone – they privately set up production, since it did not require large financial costs, and put it up for sale. More details on the link:

And since advertising is the best engine of commerce, a massive and well-funded information wave has swept the world. The myth, claiming that buying growth hormone means gaining mass with a 100% guarantee, moreover, “dry”, without fat, has been raised to the rank of absolute truth.

But sports magazines published in the CIS also had a hand in the popularization of growth hormone in bodybuilding. And this is not accidental, because one of the Russian power sports publications, actively promoting somatropin, was at the same time the official exporter of artificial growth hormone from China. 

Growth hormone: results before and after

How quickly will I see growth hormone results? This is the main question for athletes and ordinary people using this drug. Let’s see what effects come from the use of growth hormone, and in what time frame. For this, we will consider the results of use from 2 weeks to 6 months.

How long does it take to see results from growth hormone?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally. This is due to the fact that each person is individual, everyone has a different age, the body’s restorative abilities, a predisposition to this drug, and so on … So some people notice the effect of growth hormone, already one week after use, and others need at least 2 -3 weeks to feel any results. Growth hormone dosage is also important. But still, it is not recommended to exceed the optimal amount of the active substance for your weight, for the sake of faster progress. We will try to track what effects growth hormone has on the average person, in a specific period of time.   

Growth hormone results after 1 month

As soon as growth hormone enters your body, changes immediately begin to occur in it. The flow and the first few weeks they will be seen by the increase in energy and vitality, which in turn can lead to increased productivity. Your workouts in the gym will take place on 1 breath, fatigue will practically not be felt. There will be a strong feeling that you are able to knot on the training bar. Finally, many HGH users report that their mood improves and their depression goes away.

Growth hormone results after 2 months

After 2 months, after you start taking growth hormone, the results will already be more noticeable. This manifests itself in improving the condition of the skin and improving muscle tone, since growth hormone helps the body to regenerate cells faster. Thanks to this, even the eye muscles are strengthened. This will manifest itself in improving your vision and night vision. The metabolism also does not stand still, and 2 months after the course of growth hormone, it accelerates. As a result, you will see the first fat loss.

Growth hormone results after 3 months

This month marks another major milestone. After a 3 month course of growth hormone, we can see the first improvements in the appearance and condition of the hair. Your bones will begin to get stronger and stronger, and while you can hardly feel this effect, you will most likely notice greater flexibility in your joints, and less pain in them. The female gender, in turn, can get rid of the bad PMS symptoms that come with age.

Growth hormone results after 4 months

The consequences of the use of growth hormone before and after become more and more noticeable and obvious during and 3-4 months after the start of the course. Also, the results that affect mood, energy, stamina, skin and hair condition continue to improve in a positive direction. And the metabolic rate returns to its “young” pace. You will see a gradual loss of fat and an increase in muscle mass, especially if you work out in the gym. All information on the site:

Growth hormone results after 5 months

After 5 months, after starting the course of growth hormone, you will want to take photographs in order to clearly demonstrate your progress to yourself and others. You will notice clearly visible improvements in hair condition. They will become thicker, much more elastic and shiny. In addition, skin discoloration, which is one of the signs of aging, will be greatly reduced. After 5 months, the transformation of the body will be clearly visible with the naked eye, the appearance will significantly improve.  

Growth hormone results after 6 months

  • Sleep will get better and much deeper
  • Skin – smoother and firmer, with a more youthful appearance
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Improving immunity and cardiovascular system
  • Increase in energy, endurance, strength.

Thanks to the improved metabolism and the ability of growth hormone to influence muscle growth, after six months you will see wonderful effects related to your figure. In addition to fat loss and muscle growth, growth hormone reduces cellulite and helps the body get well proportioned faster. You will become more successful in sports, the results will be much higher than before, you can easily endure long-term physical activity, thanks to the increase in endurance, muscle strength and increased bone strength.