Paintings with dogs

Dogs are perhaps the most beloved pets that have served as protectors and helpers of man for thousands of years. No wonder that the image of this pet has become one of the popular subjects in painting. Paintings with dogs are reproductions of famous works, contemporary pictures of popular and rare breeds, pictures of your favorite pets. Our gallery at is full of dog paintings, but we don’t limit you – upload your own interesting subjects or photos of your favorite pets to create a new masterpiece.

Images of dogs in pictures – beloved pets through the eyes of famous artists

Many beautiful canine paintings have been created by artists at different times. These canvases are in private galleries and famous museums around the world, depicting famous personalities with their favorite pets. Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker” series, Reinegle’s portraits, Emms’ works and many other famous artists and their canvases celebrated dogs, their beauty, kindness and devotion.

Modern dog paintings

Thanks to modern printing possibilities any image or picture can become a work of art, not inferior in beauty to the works of professional artists. Specialized companies offer printing of any image from the thematic gallery or a photo provided by you, on a high quality canvas of any format.

Such pictures will be excellent gifts for your relatives, children, friends or colleagues. With them you can accentuate the style of the place, store or salon, decorate walls in a bedroom, nursery or a study. You can buy pictures of dogs online on our website.

Each animal, just like a human, has its own character and its own unique look. Some of them look at the world cheerfully and mischievously, someone angry, and someone with sadness in his eyes. All these nuances the artist is sure to notice in the portrait, so that as a result, you will definitely recognize the native ears and nose. This is a very cool gift for someone who cares about their pet. Unfortunately, our favorite animals do not live as long as we do, but in the picture a cheerful face of a friend will be with you for many years. So it’s a wonderful keepsake for your pet that will always be with you. At this point, you can use specialists to help you create the perfect artist portrait. This will help you get a great professional painting, which can also prove to be the perfect gift for any person who has a pet.