Frosted Gold Engagement Rings

The latest trend in wedding fashion is frosted gold rings for the bride and groom. This amazing jewelry looks stylish and very sophisticated and can be made of noble metal in any color: traditional pink, trendy yellow or laconic white. Whatever the design of such an engagement ring, it will look expensive and noble on the hand. Moreover, a frosted ring will be a perfect companion both to a wedding dress and any other attire – after all, you are going to wear it every day, aren’t you?

Methods of frosted gold

To date, jewelers have developed several techniques for creating a matte gold surface. The result of each of them is a unique texture: roughened, rasped or combined if both matting and polishing are used to create one piece of jewelry. A gold engagement ring with a satin effect, which comes close to a polished one in terms of shine, or with a scattered sand effect, would be original. A rasped ring is the roughest to the touch. A deep mechanical action is applied to it, as a result of which the desired rasped and mat effect is achieved.

A uniform matte surface is formed as a result of sandblasting, and the degree of grit depends on the material used in the machine – the coarser it is, the more pronounced the texture. To form a soft, velvety-to-the-touch gold surface, the particles with a diameter of no more than 50 microns are used. Roughing gold can also be done with chasing, which is another common way of matting a piece of jewelry. Brushing is also popular among jewelers, but the most high-tech tool is a laser. Because it only affects the uppermost layer of the metal, the glossiness returns over time.

Stylish engagement rings – a matte fantasy

Every couple in love has the opportunity to pick up matte vancouver engagement rings. The jewelry can be smooth or patterned, with or without gemstones, traditional or avant-garde. It’s easy to find accessories that will be a chic addition to the look you’re creating. The subdued glow of the rings is mesmerizing, attention-grabbing and truly impressive. The decoration with diamonds fills the jewelry with a special glow.

Frosted gold engagement rings require special care. It will be difficult and expensive to get rid of scratches and other surface defects, so protect your favorite piece of jewelry from any situation where it may be damaged. Frosted gold rings are a visible confirmation of your exquisite taste and unique style.