Three vice-presidents

So in 1950, the first elected officers took over. Mrs. Florence Barton, of Canton, became President. There were three vice-presidents, each with a particular responsibility: Miss Ruth Gill Price, of Jackson, Mrs. Ruth Ivy, of Memphis, and Mrs. E. I. Robinson, of Baton Rouge. Mildred Keene, from Meridian, was Secretary, and Miss Ruth Forbes, from Jackson, was Treasurer. Eventually a switch was made to an elected Board of Directors, which in turn selected its own officers.

A year after the Allison’s Art Colony came into existence, the group arranged to offer scholarships. Four were open to students at MSCW, Millsaps, Mississippi Southern, and the University of Mississippi. These were for weekends, and covered instruction. The fifth, also giving board and instruction for a weekend, was awarded to a high school student.