Camp Henry Jacobs…

The Laurel stay was short: 1970-1973. Soon the Henry S, Jacobs Camp was discovered, and “home” became Utica, MS. The Art Colony has been meeting there every since. Extensive renovations at the camp in 1996 required a temporary relocation to Canton, where the Spring session was held. We were made to feel most welcome at the Triola Hotel there, but the lake and pine woods of Jacobs Camp was where we belonged, and back we went to Utica in the Fall.

After 1970, workshops were shortened, lasting from Wednesday night through Sunday noon, and held regularly at the end of April and September. Before that, dates had been juggled to accommodate instructors and events, such as the State Fair in Jackson. But it was finally decided that the uncertainty was not good, and that the “other events” should work around us. In 1997 another day was added: sessions now start on Tuesday night, ending Sunday
noon. As in the past, a juried show is selected to travel about the state until the next workshop, and prizes are awarded at a Saturday night banquet.